Our Story

Story of Strawberry In Mint.

The name of Strawberry In Mint comes from the cutest fruit and the coolest color. We are obsessed with adorable animals like teddy bears, and rabbits..... We also love flowers that you can find in the garden. 

Each design from Strawberry In Mint has its own story and background; Lovely pastel colors are what we like most. 

Strawberry In Mint is a small business created by the owner, Meixin who loves Lolita fashion and all things kawaii. She is a fashionista who dreams of sharing her creations with everyone who loves cute and unique designs. Her belief and love for fairytales and magic is her main inspiration. She has studied fashion in Los Angeles and Paris to learn about different cultures and styles.

All the handmade clothing on the site is designed and made by herself; that is why each handmade clothing item is unique and lovely. She also designs the patterns and fabrics for the other clothing that sells on our site. 

We hope you can find what you like and what present you on our website.